Client Testimonials

Happy Clients

So, first of all, can I just say a massive thank you for the work you did with me on the two sets of visits I came for counselling.   They have been life changing, not in a 'You've solved all my problems' kind of way, but in a 'You have given me the tools to deal with whatever comes along' kind of way.  I very often find myself thinking, 'What would Beatrix say here?' and try to look for the duality of my thoughts that you would have pointed out when I would make a statement or have a particular thought.  Obviously, life keeps throwing up different problems and successes and I genuinely feel that I am better equipped to deal with them following our counselling sessions together.  I was particularly impressed by the way you often challenged me/my statements and led me down uncomfortable pathways when I had to face things that I didn't necessarily want to face.  Your skill as a counsellor really brought out issues/thoughts/problems that I didn't want to face but were the actual root cause of my unhappiness at the time.  Your ability to challenge me forced me to face up to certain things and realise that what lies on the surface isn't usually the real issue in one's life.  
Your holistic approach, has helped me to identify things going on in myself such as, when I'm not sure how I'm feeling, I can check my body language and see if I'm at ease with myself - that is definitely something you've taught me.  Through your sessions, I have learnt to recognise congruency within myself and, although it doesn't happen often, it IS something I recognise and am striving for in my life.  As well as your obvious skill as a therapist, it would mean nothing without the care, warmth and support you have given me in your sessions.  What you do is truly amazing, Beatrix, and I thank you with all my heart for what you have done for me.

Aug 2020

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how very grateful I am for helping me through my alcoholism, there I said it. In fact I have been saying it more regularly to close family and friends and I don’t feel any stigma about it any more.
I have just passed 7 months sobriety and having family parties, Christmas and holidays to contend with I have stayed strong. I no longer have the urge to go out as often as I did and although I do get moments when I could murder a pint I use all the techniques you provided me with to hold fast. Work is going well and is keeping me busier than ever. My partner likes the happier and healthier me and our relationship is stronger than ever now that I am in a better mindset. I have my sights fixed on the 1 year anniversary marking my sobriety and I know I will do it. So thank you again for being there when I was at my worst and bringing me out of it.

Jan 2021

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help and support over the past few weeks. Your encouragement and understanding have helped at a difficult time and i will continue to use the techniques we used together and remember your kind, reaffirming comments.

November 2020