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Therapy fees

The sessions will always be your own personal time and to make them as comfortable and stress free as possible a time and date will be agreed in advance. The sessions are 1 hour in duration and usually once a week. It is expected that the session will begin at the agreed time. Any sessions that begin after this time due to late arrival cannot be extended. If you arrive early I would appreciate you not knocking on the door more than 5 minutes before the appointment time.

With regards to cancellations I ask you give 24 hours’ notice otherwise half the session fee would be payable at the next session. You can cancel a session by voicemail or text message. Please do not attend the session while you are under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs. If you do you will be asked to leave and your session cancelled.

For counselling a fee of £45 per session payable at the end of each session.

For an integrative session of hypnotherapy and counselling a fee of £75 will be required per session.

For Hypnotherapy and or life coaching a fee of £200 (after initial free 30 min consultation) will be payable for a block booking of three 90 minute sessions.

All payments can be made in Cash or PayPal. Receipts can be provided upon request.

Our sessions are subject to review to assess our progress and enable a space to discuss your changing goals for therapy. The ending of our contract will be agreed mutually between us and is usually related to goal completion and notice to terminate is usually 2 weeks.  However, you are entitled to end the contract at any time. If you decide not to continue with our sessions, I would appreciate if you give me 48 hours’ notice prior to any appointment.